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It’s enough to say the term Preethi in any Indian consumer’s home and it’s particular to strike a tone of familiarity. Boasting of being one of the greatest mixie manufacturers in the whole place, Preethi, a leading company, that runs on core prices of client trust, ethics running a business methods and quality in services and products and solutions, has become a house title and has produced nearly 10 million sales in the country.

The model has to its credit, 14000 sellers and has 450 certified service centers that cater to all of your repairs with dedication. Moreover, you can find 93 customer service centers and 103 distributors in India. The brand has also had an international client base as it reaches numerous nations such as USA, Europe, the Middle East, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Nepal, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Australia and UK.

Having started out in the season 1978, Preethi is among the major makers of mixer grinders. Moreover, the brand has 7 production services distribute over the states of Tamil Nadu and Himachal Pradesh. All through their inception, the model was not however identified, as it was began mostly by a small grouping of passionate members and had their network only in the regions of Chennai. Nevertheless with the quick sales of its first few mixer mills, the brand Preethi came to be and ever since then, the manufacturer has been at the forefront, continually striving for superiority, quality and innovation.

In the 33 years that the company had used on establishing itself, it gained the positioning to be number 1 in the country. Therefore, Preethi that has been famous just in southern India, soon turned a national brand and received international reputation in a course of few years. Some of the crucial areas that the manufacturer chose to concentrate on are study and progress, invention, advertising strategy and the solutions rendered. Study and growth coupled with industry feedback, light emitting diode the company to improve it self in myriad ways. The manufacturer also carefully focused on client behaviour and fixed places which required improvement.

One of many other critical places where in actuality the model has soared higher, is its determination to quality and material. Actually, since 2002, the ISO 9001-2008 licensed manufacturer has been rising annually at the rate of 25 proportion and also has to their credit, a number of awards. The trademark of the company, could be the guarantee of quality, that will be evident atlanta divorce attorneys item that Preethi creates, whether their a recent product or a product under development. A few of the progressive technical inputs that the model has presented in their array of products and services include a 750W engine, very extractor, work and store service, flexi top, chip n’salad manufacturer, turbovent technology, secure jar secure and a three stage lid lock.


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