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Hey! I’m Alex, a professional creator of Augmented and Mixed Reality effects and filters for Facebook, Instagram and Messenger app. I started my AR/MR journey from 3D graphic, motion design, effects and more. Currently, I specialize in Spark AR studio by Facebook that allows creating professional AR effects and filters. Some of my AR experiences reach millions of views, download and shares. I can provide a turn-key solution for you and your business. By using Catchar website ​​ I was able to share my projects and create an Augmented Reality portfolio. In addition, this website brings me some opportunities in terms of new customers and projects. Feel free to reach out to me on Catchar. I can offer AR effects and filters for celebrities, clothing, movies, entertainment needs, brand engagement. If you are looking for developers and designers who specialize not only in Spark AR and not only. Yeah, I forgot to tell you what is Augmented and Mixed Reality? AR and MR allow overlaying physical objects with digital content that can contain lots of elements, such as 3D graphics, animation, video, images, sound and buttons. Currently, you can discover plenty of different AR experiences. Sure I believe that you hear about lenses and effects that change human faces and bodies in real-time. The next most popular AR experience is marker-based AR. This type of AR allows overlaying printed images, posters, labels, business cards with different digital content. Augmentation of different objects, such as houses, attractions and even streets. You may ask yourself about the difference between Augmented and Mixed Reality. Actually, these technologies are pretty similar but in terms of AR you can use your smartphones with cameras when to use Mixed Reality you have to buy specific headsets, such as Magic Leap, HoloLens or Epson MOVERIO. If will check the latest news you may see that lots of companies as Apple, Facebook and Google have jumped into this domain. New versions of iPhone and Android devices have more powerful GPU and improved cameras that allow working with Augmented and Mixed Reality experiences in a new way. So, don’t miss your chance to jump into AR/MR space and open a lot of new opportunities for you and your business.

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