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The Hidden Almanac is a podcast about Echo Harbor and neighboring locations, dark web site list with host Reverend Mord. It’s sort of like Welcome to Night Vale meets Garrison Keillor.

An almanac (also spelled almanach and sometimes hemerologies) is an annual publication that lists a set of current information arranged according to the calendar.

An almanac (also spelled almanack and almanach) is an annual publication that contains tabular information on a specific subject organized according to the calendar. It may also contain astronomical data and various statistics. It can be tailored to a particular audience, such as farmers or sailors. In the United States, the term is often used to refer to The Old Farmer’s Almanac.

The Hidden Almanac is a podcast about Echo Harbor and neighboring locations, hosted by Reverend Mord. The show is written by Ursula Vernon and produced by Kevin Sonney. The podcast is a mix of history, science, and humor. It is a parody of popular radio shows such as The Prairie Home Companion and Garrison Keillor’s other production, The Writer’s Almanac.

In addition to the regular podcast, The Hidden Almanac has inspired a variety of themed calendars. These include the Gardening, Weather Watcher’s, and Country calendars; Every Day (which features advice, folklore, and quotes in a page-a-day format); and a spiral-bound Engagement calendar. It has also inspired a line of books on gardening, cooking, and home improvement.

The Hidden Almanac has been a huge success, and has even led to a sequel. The Carbon Almanac, a follow-up to The Hidden Almanac, was released in March 2022. It is a comprehensive guide to climate change and the actions we can take to address it. The authors of the original podcast hope that this new edition will reach a wide audience and encourage people to take action. It is a call to action that needs to be heard by more people than ever before. The Carbon Almanac is a comprehensive and accessible tool that will inspire readers from all backgrounds to act in their own unique ways to bring about the changes we need.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac has always been a bit vague about its weather forecasts. Rather than give exact temperatures and precipitation amounts, the almanac merely states that the weather will be above average, below average or normal for the week-long, month-long or season-long period predicted. The almanac also admits that its weather prognostication is an inexact science but cites a complex formula (allegedly developed by the almanac’s first editor) that takes into account sunspot activity, moon phases and more.

During World War II, the Old Farmer’s Almanac was printed without its usual weather forecasts. This was to comply with the U.S. Office of Censorship’s voluntary Code of Wartime Practices for press and radio. Instead, the publication issued « weather indications » to preserve its unbroken record of publication.

The Hidden Almanac podcast with Reverend Mord is a story of the unnamed town of Echo Harbor and its neighbors. The episodes focus on the history, people and events in these places, often with an element of fantasy. The podcast was inspired by a comparison of Welcome to Night Vale to H. P. Lovecraft and Garrison Keillor’s other public radio show, A Prairie Home Companion. This wiki is used for transcripts and cross-references.
Moon Phases

The Moon’s appearance changes over time as it progresses through the lunar phases. The resulting appearances are the result of the way sunlight illuminates the Moon as it orbits Earth. A full moon appears brightest, while a new moon is completely unlit. The moon passes through the phases of first quarter, crescent moon, gibbous moon and last quarter (also known as third or final quarter) as it moves toward its next full moon. The phases repeat over and over again, averaging 29 days from new moon to full moon.

The difference in the number of days between a given lunar phase and a calendar month is due to the fact that the Moon’s orbit is not perfectly circular. Consequently, the Moon’s phases appear at different times throughout the world. The timings given in astronomical tables are always geocentric, which means they are calculated for the center of the Moon’s orbit around Earth.

In addition to the names of the Moon’s phases, there is an indicator called a phase angle, which specifies the direction from the Sun to the Moon. This is a measurement that can be precisely determined from a photograph of the Moon’s surface. However, the exact value that corresponds to a particular Moon phase can be estimated only approximately because of the effects of parallax and other factors.

The Moon’s phase can be defined by calculating the ratio of its brightness to that of the Sun, using the formula (brightness/sunrise) + (brightness/moonset)/2. It can also be defined as the fraction of the Moon’s total area that is illuminated by direct sunlight. The Moon’s illumination can be divided further into a sliver-like crescent (waxing) and a solid, glowing full moon (waning). The sliver-like crescent is often referred to as the « dark moon » because only the dark side of the Moon is visible.

The seasons in hidden almanac wiki change every six months, and each season starts on one of the solstices or equinoxes. The astronomical definition of the seasons is based on the position of the Earth in relation to the Sun, while the meteorological definition is based on annual temperature patterns. Astronomical winter, for example, is defined as the period from December 1 to February 28 (or 29). Meteorological winter is defined as the period from October 1 through March 31.

A seasonal almanac is a publication that lists information about the seasons and other notable events. This type of publication can be used by farmers, sailors, and other people who need to know when certain activities should take place. Historically, almanacs were published annually and could contain a wide range of tabular data on subjects including weather forecasts, farmer’s planting dates, tide tables, and celestial figures.

The earliest English almanacs were printed between 1617 and 1643, although many more were produced during the period of the Enlightenment. The word “almanac” is derived from the Arabic almanakh, meaning climate circumstances. The letter kh is difficult for non-Arabic speakers to pronounce, so the term became spelled as ayn or almanak in English.

The podcast series Welcome to Night Vale was inspired by H. P. Lovecraft, and it has been described as “A Prairie Home Companion meets HPL.” The show is broadcast on a private radio station in the fictional city of Echo Harbor, and it also airs on podcast streaming platforms. It is hosted by the Reverend Mord and features several guests. The podcast is a combination of fiction and news. It also includes gardening tips and advice.

An almanac (or almanack or almanach) is an annual publication containing tabular information, often arranged according to the calendar. It can include weather forecasts, farmers’ planting dates, tide tables, and various statistics on celestial bodies like the Sun and Moon.

The Hidden Almanac is a podcast about Echo Harbor and neighboring locations, written by Ursula Vernon and produced by Kevin Sonney. It is also a roleplaying game and a gardening show. This wiki is used for transcriptions and other reference materials. Please help keep this wiki clean by removing nonsense comments, and pointing out real world references as you find them. Thanks, and Be Safe! And Remember, You Are Never Alone.

In the early episodes of the series, it was revealed that Reverend Mord is a crow that is able to talk to plants. One of the earliest examples of this was an episode where he shared his secret for getting the most flavor out of horseradish: be mean and insult it! Another example is a series of episodes centered around the Test Garden, which features the interns’ progress reports on their work.

The word “almanac” comes from the Arabic almanakh, but the etymology is disputed. It probably refers to a set of tables that describe climate circumstances, but it may have a more mystical origin.

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